Study Programs

Language and Study

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies [+ + +]

Japanese Language Program for Specialists (in Cultural and Academic Field)

Kyoto Consortium of Japanese Studies
(advanced Japanese and Classical Japanese)

Harvard Summer School in Kyoto at Doshisha University

Hiroshima and Peace

Hokkaido International Foundation Japanese Language and Culture Program

CET summer and year intensive language program in Osaka

Intensive Kanbun Course at the IUC

Intrax Internships Abroad [undergrad]

Japan-America Student Conference

Japanese Language Courses through JF Los Angeles [public]

JET Memorial Invitation Program [high school]

Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP)


Kyoto Art Center: Traditional Theatre Training

Noh Training Project UK


SOAS Translation Workshop in Japanese Studies

Western Michigan Summer Translation Institute


Japan and its Buddhist Traditions

Cultural Exchange

High School Diplomats


Reischauer Scholars Program [high school]