Fun Link Friday: Kayashima: The Japanese Train Station Built Around a 700-Year-Old Tree

One thing I love doing is Japan is just walking around and exploring, and appreciating, little interesting places. Whether it’s tiny obscure sites of historical interest, or ones with striking architecture or aesthetics, Japan just seems to be full of them. A recent post from Colossal, reposted from Spoon & Tamago, shares with us one such place: a train station literally built around a 700-year-old camphor tree.

Maybe take a little jaunt out to the suburbs and check it out the next time you’re in Osaka. You don’t even have to pay to leave the station to see it!


About Travis

I am an aspiring scholar of Japanese & Luchuan history with a particular interest in cultural history & the arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, the elite to the popular.
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