Job Openings in International Education, Winona State University

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Via jobs mailing list.

Institution: Winona State University
Location: Winona, MN

Position 1: Study Away Coordinator

OPENING DATE: 12/07/15
CLOSING DATE: Continuous

Education: BA required, MA preferred


The Study Away Coordinator is responsible for developing and managing the office’s portfolio of exchange programs and semester or academic year programs; works with the AVP and other staff to develop, integrate, and enhance study away programming across the curriculum; expand the number and diversity of students participating in study away; promote intercultural learning through engagement with various campus committees and events and professional organizations affiliated with the international education field; and supports the risk, liability, health and safety of all off-campus travel activity in collaboration with other staff. S/he manages multiple advising and enrollment cycles simultaneously from prospective student to returnee status.


• Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
• 2 years of experience in study abroad program administration in higher education institutions.


• Master’s degree in relevant field
• International experience (studying, living, or working abroad).
• Facility with StudioAbroad and Microsoft Office.
• Multicultural and cross cultural sensitivity and a firm grasp of world geography.
• Ability to create and maintain positive relationships with a wide range of constituents, including faculty, students, colleagues, administrators, parents, and program partners.
• Excellent organizational and oral and written communication skills.
• Flexibility, ability to work independently, and eagerness to work in a team environment in a fast-paced office.
• Program marketing and recruitment skills.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open until filled; Review begins immediately

Full details here. Apply here.

Position 2: International Admissions Coordinator

Education: MA required

OPENING DATE: 11/05/15

CLOSING DATE: Continuous


The International Admission Coordinator reviews and evaluates academic credentials, financial resources, and English language proficiency indicators of prospective students from other countries in order to determine eligibility for admission to the University and the acceptability of documentation for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Form I-20. The International Admission Coordinator advises international students and applicants about admission and U.S. immigration laws and regulations and assists them throughout the application and admission process. The International Admission Coordinator collects and analyzes application and enrollment data and prepares reports. This position is responsible for developing communication and work plans to engage prospective students throughout the admission process and to ensure that applications are processed and reviewed promptly and accurately. Note: Domestic and/or international travel may be required.


• Master’s degree
• Approval as a Designated School Official (DSO) by U.S. Department of Homeland Security by date of hire.
• Two years of experience in higher education admissions, international admissions, international education, or immigration regulations.


• Experience with or knowledge of MnSCU policies and procedures.
• Excellent communication skills combined with cultural sensitivity.
• Knowledge of SEVIS regulations.
• Knowledge of international student admission principles, processes, and procedures.
• Computer literacy to manage data engines such as ISRS, SEVIS and Hobson’s Connect.
• Organizational skills.
• Problem solving and decision making skills.
• Ability to read and/or speak a language other than English.
• Ability to communicate effectively in English
The applicant should demonstrate a knowledge of and interest in diverse cultures and populations.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open until filled; Review begins immediately

Full details here. Apply here.

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