Job Opening: International Programs Coordinator, Colorado College

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Job Title: International Programs Coordinator
Institution: Colorado College
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Department: International Programs
Posting Date: 08/24/2015
Closing Date: 09/23/2015
Education: BA required
Posting Number: 471

Summary Description
Collaborate with faculty to facilitate the development and teaching of off-campus courses, both in the U.S. and abroad; provide a network of support for students and faculty engaged in off campus programs.

• Manage all administrative aspects of the online student application process for off-campus faculty-led courses (academic year and summer), including creating the online applications, answering student and faculty questions, and coordinating the application timelines for courses.
• Manage all off-campus course budgets; meet with and field questions from individual faculty, both independently and in collaboration with the director; monitor course expenses; initiate and reconcile payments, including preparing wire transfers, cash advances and travel allocations; monitor budgets and provide oversight to minimize financial risk to the college.
• Conduct student pre-departure orientations for each off-campus course.
• Promote off-campus courses by creating print and electronic materials that are distributed to all students and select campus offices, and updating all off-campus course listings on the website.
• Coordinate the financial aid process for all off-campus courses; create the online student applications for aid, field all student and faculty questions about aid; compile information from student applications; meet with Financial Aid to obtain information on student financial need/ranking; determine total course costs and individual award amounts; provide award information to the Financial Aid office; complete the online notification to students; monitor student drops and adds, and continue to distribute aid until funds are depleted.
• Serve as the primary contact to provide information about financial aid, program fees and billing for off-campus courses,; provide Student Accounts with course rosters and program fees each semester, field all questions from departmental assistants and faculty, continually monitor changes in enrollment, and provide updated information to Financial Aid and Student Accounts as changes occur; answer questions from students and parents, and negotiate program fee refunds as appropriate.
• Provide emergency response for faculty and students engaged in off-campus courses.
• Support faculty and students with passport and visa issues for both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.
• Enroll and maintain faculty and students in overseas insurance coverage.

Additional Responsibilities:
o Support and contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity at Colorado College and work effectively with the many constituencies in a college environment.
o Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following college procedures; and participating in appropriate safety training.
o Act in a socially responsible manner and model environmental sustainability by exercising financial prudence, using college resources wisely, and supporting ecological initiatives and innovation.
o Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of three years of experience in coordinating off-campus study programs; knowledge of Forum standards; excellent oral and written communication skills; proficient in Microsoft Office software suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook); excellent organizational and customer service skills; budget management/analytical skills; good judgment and ability to handle confidential/sensitive information with discretion; ability to think critically and solve problems; ability to operate standard office equipment.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience leading student groups abroad; experience studying, living, or working abroad; conversant in at least one non-English language.

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