Funding: Journey to Japan 2015, Crossway Foundation [SA, UAE, Kuwait, UK]

money-150-2Via Art Radar

This is an open call for talented young artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers to win the creative journey of a lifetime to Japan in November 2015.

The competition is open to nationals and residents of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the United Kingdom, aged 18-25.

To enter you must submit a creative project that relates to the theme: ‘Encounters with another World’. The project can either be pre-existing artwork or devised especially for the competition.

How do I apply?
The competition will run from 2 June – 15 September 2015.

You must apply using the website Go to the ‘Competitions’
section and complete all the sections of the form. Remember you will also need to upload:
• A digital file under 2 MB of your creative project in the following format (as
a) Artworks must be in .JPEG or .PDF
b) Photographs must be in .JPEG
c) Films must be a link via Vimeo/YouTube (maximum length 5 minutes)
d) Recordings must be in .MP3
• A personal statement (500 words maximum)
• Your contact details

Please see our Terms & Conditions for information on copyright.

What is the Theme?
This year’s theme is “Encounters with another World”.
Discovering new and unfamiliar ‘worlds’ can greatly enrich the creative process. Whether
these new worlds exist in a different country, within your local community, in the maze of the Internet, or even simply inside one’s own mind, their physical shape is of little importance. What is important is to allow yourself to look outside the everyday and find new territories in which to plant and nurture your imagination.

When is the journey to Japan and how long is it?

The trip is two weeks long and runs from 15 November – 1 December 2015.

Full details on Crossway Foundation (pdf)


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