Workshop: Wahon Literacies at UCLA & UCSB

*When: August 31 to Sept 4, 2015
*Where: UCLA and UCSB

*What: A workshop on “Wahon Literacies,” led by Professors Nakajima Takashi (Waseda University), Ogawa Yasuhiko (Aoyama Gakuin University), and Unno Keisuke (National Institute of Japanese Literature).

*Apply to Participate: If you are interested in attending, please see the link below for a flyer with details on how to apply. The deadline is June 20. We welcome all applications but due to the fact that there are limited spaces available, priority will be given to graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty whose research would benefit most from the workshop. The cost of attendance, lodging, and meals will be subsidized.


About Travis

I am an aspiring scholar of Japanese & Luchuan history with a particular interest in cultural history & the arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, the elite to the popular.
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