Job Opening: Campus and Outreach Coordinator, Oberlin College

job opening - 5Institution: Oberlin College
Location: Oberlin, OH
Education: BA required
Deadline: June 7, 2015
Job begins August 15, 2015


Oberlin Shansi is an independent, non-profit organization that supports international educational exchanges between Oberlin College & Conservatory and institutions and organizations in Asia. Shansi invites applications for the position of Campus and Outreach Coordinator, a full-time, entry-level position beginning August 15, 2015.

The Campus and Outreach Coordinator is a personal link between the students and campus community and the Shansi office, and is responsible for managing the promotion and logistics of on-campus events including symposia, guest lectures and performances. The position offers the unique opportunity to directly engage with Oberlin’s undergraduates, as a mentor/guide, during the process of recruiting and interviewing candidates for Shansi’s fellowships and grants. The Coordinator will collaborate on programs with students and staff from multiple organizations and departments on campus such as the East Asian Studies Department, the Multicultural Resource Center and the Chinese Student Association.

The Campus and Outreach Coordinator also plays a key role in managing Shansi’s electronic and print communication with the Oberlin community of students, faculty and Shansi alumni who are local and international. The Campus and Outreach Coordinator has primary responsibility for the day-to-day organization of the Shansi website and social media presence on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. On a regular basis the Coordinator synthesizes, writes and edits articles and announcements that appear on the website and blogs, and in print documents, such as newsletters and reports.

The Campus and Outreach Coordinator will report to the Assistant Director and work closely with the Executive Director on public outreach and fundraising. The Coordinator will also work with the members of the Board of Trustees and attend Board meetings. The Coordinator will work as a member of a five-person team that includes Shansi’s Secretary, and a half-time staff member, the Returned Fellow, who has just finished a Shansi fellowship in Asia. Applications are due June 7, 2015



Communication management

  • Manage Shansi’s presence on its website and through social media by writing and editing reports and stories, posting stories written by others, and keeping the news about Shansi’s campus programs and events up to date, on a day-to-day basis
  • Collaborate with Shansi Staff in writing and editing of the fall and spring newsletters, and annual report.
  • Learn new software as it comes on the market to fit Shansi’s needs
  • Develop and maintain a Shansi editorial calendar
  • Update and engage Shansi’s friends, alumni of Shansi’s programs, and supporters, on and off campus, through focused e-mails and social media management on Shansi events, programs, and happenings from the fellowship sites in Asia
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and Assistant Director to coordinate online public outreach and relationship management for fundraising and outreach

Program management

  • Promote awareness of and encourage applications for the Shansi Fellowships, the In-Asia Grants, and the Shansi Prize through class visits, distributing posters, and information tables in addition to using electronic media
  • Mentor prospective applicants to the programs regarding suitability of submissions
  • Manage the on-campus presentations of the recipients of the In-Asia Grants upon their return to campus
  • Work with campus departments and student groups to assess events, lectures, and cultural performances that request Shansi could sponsorship
  • Maintain relationships and promote collaborations with Oberlin College & Conservatory departments and offices, such as the Multicultural Resource Center and East Asian Studies program, on issues of mutual interest
  • Work collaboratively with all of the members of the Shansi office team to develop and manage special programs and events, such as visiting lecturers and guests, conferences, symposia
  • Assist in all of the preparations and logistics for the bi-annual Board of Trustees meetings, and Commencement Weekend events
  • Under the guidance of the Assistant Director, develop the Winter Term Orientation for the newly selected Fellows, assist during the program, and help carry out the logistics of the three-week orientation including giving presentations and preparing materials
  • Assist in the logistical arrangements for all of the Shansi programs, meetings and events which may include airport pick-ups, management of meals and technical support at public events
  • Meet on a regular basis with the Assistant Director to plan, review work and establish schedules
  • Support other Shansi outreach and program efforts as developed and assigned by the Executive Director and Assistant Director, including developing outreach events and assisting with Board of Trustees committees and performing other tasks as assigned


Education and Experience:

  • Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree
  • Preference will be given to applicants with knowledge of Asia, especially through study or living in China, India, Indonesia or Japan
  • A successful applicant will have demonstrable experience in communicating effectively with undergraduate students, college faculty and staff, and nationals from various countries
    Experience in administration work at a college or university is also preferable

Skills and Requirements:

  • Passion for international exchange, aptitude for learning from others, familiarity with Asian cultures
  • Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity toward the Oberlin campus community
  • Excellent writing ability, especially in vibrant reportage
  • Imagination and effectiveness in open-minded dialogues and written communication
  • Proficiency in website and social media management; the ability to organize large amounts of digital information, including photos and Word files and working on shared drives
  • Ability and interest in learning new computer programs and other forms of information technology
  • Strong appreciation for sharing and team work while being self-motivated
  • Excellent time management skills within a highly flexible and supportive environment, including keeping schedules for writing and publishing
  • Weekend and evening hours will occasionally be expected because a component of the position requires managing events and programs

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