Job Opening: Japan Summer Resident Director, American Councils [summer – temp]

job opening - 5Via JetWit Jobs Mailing List.

Institution: American Councils
Location: Washington DC
Education: BA or higher in Japanese studies, related field

Summer Resident Director, Japan 11.14

American Councils is currently seeking a qualified Resident Director to work in Japan on an eight-week summer program for undergraduate and graduate students. The program is focused on the acquisition of Japanese language and culture in an immersion setting.

Resident Directors represent American Councils on programs overseas. The Resident Director will work with the host institution, managing communications between American Councils, program participants and local staff, arranging logistics for the group, advising participants as required and resolving medical and other issues as necessary.

The Resident Director must be available to program participants on a daily basis; observe classes at the host institution; meet regularly with teachers, administrators, and participants; and arrange group travel and cultural programs. The Resident Director must be available to participants during any emergencies that arise and must communicate regularly with the American Councils program staff in Washington, DC. The Resident Director oversees a small program budget, and is responsible for proper documentation of program expenditures and timely completion of a budget report at the end of each month and end of the program.

Prior to departure, the Resident Director is required to complete an orientation program for overseas staff. The Resident Director may be asked to travel with his/her participant group at the beginning and end of the program; the Resident Directors may also be asked to travel to the program site in advance of the students’ arrival. Resident Directors report to the DC-based Program Manager and staff. All offers are contingent upon ability to receive and maintain a visa to the host country.


  • Advising program participants as needed;
  • Reporting on program activities to program staff in Washington, D.C;
  • Responding to participant emergencies, including assisting participants with navigating local clinics and hospitals;
  • Liaising with the host institution and local program staff;
  • Observing the academic program;
  • Arranging group travel and cultural programs;
  • Maintaining adherence to program rules and policies among participants—this may include a no-English policy;
  • Managing a small budget of program funds and maintaining detailed financial documentation, including monthly reports;
  • Communicating with host families and working with students and local staff to resolve any programs related to host families;
  • Tagging photographs and videos collected from students and local CLS staff;
  • Completing a pre-departure orientation and training session;
  • Resolving other program-related issues as necessary; and
  • Performing other program-related tasks as directed.
  • Working with host families, which may include selection and monitoring of host families (varies by program);
  • Resolving other program-related issues as necessary; and
  • Performing other program-related tasks as directed.

· Bachelor’s degree or higher in Japanese, area studies or a related field;
· Advanced written and oral language skills (minimum 2/2+ on ACTFL scale) in Japanese
· Study, work, or extensive travel experience in Japan;
· Experience working in a position of authority with high school, undergraduate, or graduate students;
· Experience overseeing and guiding groups;
· Demonstrated skills in academic and personal counseling; and
· Demonstrated skills in general financial accountability.

Full details and application on American Councils’ posting.

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