International Master’s Program in Japanese Humanities at Kyushu University

The International Master’s Program (IMAP) in Japanese Humanities in the Graduate School of Humanities at Kyushu University, now entering its fifth year, is sending around a call for applicants.

From their description:

The IMAP in Japanese Humanities is unique in that it offers numerous graduate-level courses, primarily seminars, in English within a graduate school with a full roster of courses taught in Japanese: in addition to core curriculum and elective courses offered by the IMAP program, students may register for Japanese- or English-taught courses across Kyushu University starting in their second semester. The IMAP program features the study of Japanese history, archaeology, art history and visual culture, religion, literature, kanbun, bungo, and other facets of the humanities, especially but not exclusively in the pre-modern periods. These are taught by core faculty Cynthea J. Bogel and Ellen Van Goethem and, during the 2015-16 academic year, by William Matsuda and Lindsey DeWitt. Courses by affiliate faculty in the Graduate School of Humanities and intensive courses by visiting faculty supplement the curriculum; current and past visiting faculty include Karl Friday, Takei Ryōsuke, Heather Blair, Thomas Rohlich, Matthew Stavros, and Yamamoto Satomi.

The program is further characterized by closely supervised instruction and small classes customized to meet the long-term academic goals of each student. There are also courses in field-specific methodologies and research methods. The first semester includes a mandatory intensive course that culminates in a week-long field trip to the Kansai area, and there are day trips to museums and historical sites in Kyushu throughout the year. All students write a thesis in English under the guidance of an academic advisor. The program features proximity to cultural and historical resources and full access to the educational benefits and facilities of a world-class Japanese university situated in the vibrant city of Fukuoka. Thus far all graduates have found employment or entered PhD programs.

The new academic year begins in October 2015. Students generally complete the MA in two years. Applicant profiles and interests are diverse. Candidates with an undergraduate degree (BA) who seek a graduate degree (MA) in one or more subjects within the Japanese humanities, or candidates who already hold an MA but who desire further training to strengthen or broaden their profile are welcome to apply. Although there is no formal Japanese-language requirement, a minimum of two years of college-level Japanese is strongly recommended as Japanese-language materials are typically used in seminars.

We would be very grateful if you would distribute this email and encourage potential students to apply.

Please refer to the program brochure with application details available for download from the following website:

Questions should be addressed to the faculty at Former and current students are also happy to communicate with prospective students about their experiences.


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I am an aspiring scholar of Japanese & Luchuan history with a particular interest in cultural history & the arts, from the traditional to the contemporary, the elite to the popular.
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