Fun Link Friday: The 47 Bronin

Jamie Noguchi of the webcomic Yellow Peril has created one of the best webcomic fillers I’ve ever seen: the tale of the 47 “bronin,” or the classic tale of Lord Asano’s ronin exacting revenge on Lord Kira– but with bros, fistbumps, and dropping the bass.

It was the Brokugawa Period, a golden age of fistbumps and sweet ass parties. The sun hung brightly in the sky like a disco ball the day that the Brogun chose Dude Brosano and Dude Bromei to host a sweet ass party for the Emperor at Brogun Castle in Edo.

Brokugawa period, though. (Hat tip to L!)


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One Response to Fun Link Friday: The 47 Bronin

  1. Buri-chan says:

    Oh geez. I nearly spit out my tea laughing. This is brilliant, and now I think I’ll be spending more time than planned this weekend reading webcomics.

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