Job Opening: International Cultural Ambassador, Fukui City

job opening - 5Via

Institution: New Brunswick Sister Cities Association/Fukui City
Location: Fukui City, Fukui pref., Japan
Education: BA
Other qualifications: connection to New Brunswick Sister Cities Association (see below), driver’s license
Language: Native English, ~JLPT N2
Deadline: Feb. 15, 2014
Start date: August 2014

The position is apparently similar to that of a CIR for JET. And one of Fukui City’s sister cities is New Brunswick, NJ, so the ideal candidate would be from New Brunswick or have some connection to New Brunswick (e.g., a Rutgers graduate) or live in New Jersey. (Fukui City currently has two other FCAs from two other sister cities, btw.)

Recruiting starts Dec. 15 and the application should be submitted to the New Brunswick Sister Cities Association (Attn: Mr. Michael Tublin) by February 15.

Application and other forms can be downloaded via this link.


Position: International Cultural Ambassador
Location: Fukui, Japan
Type: 2 Year Contract
Salary: 300,000 yen/month gross


Fukui City invites human resources mainly through the relationship with our sister cities to promote internationalization in Fukui City, Japan.

This individual will engage in promoting international understanding and conducting cultural exchange programs. More details can be found on the official site here.


  • Live, work, or be a child of someone who lives or works in New Brunswick or get referral from New Brunswick Sister Cities Association
  • Be a native English speaker and have excellent English skills in pronunciation, speaking and writing
  • Have enough Japanese language skill to conduct activities mentioned in “3.Job Outline” and to communicate smoothly with Japanese staff(Level­ equivalent to at least Nihongo Noryoku Shiken JLPT N2 is preferable.)
  • ※Applicants will have their Japanese skill evaluated at the interview
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or be over 20 years old (as of August 1st, 2014) who is attending four ­year university
  • ※Applicants with a Bachelor degree, TESOL and/or English teaching experience will receive preferential consideration
  • Be interested in the promotion of international understanding and educational activity through English in Japan and have desire to be involved in these activities
  • Have a cooperative personality and be skilled at communicating with Japanese staff and children, especially preschool and elementary school students
  • Be of good mental and physical health
  • Have a driver’s license. (International Driver’s License is needed for assignment.)

Application details on JETWit.

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1 Response to Job Opening: International Cultural Ambassador, Fukui City

  1. Gah if I was from the right area I would totally go for this job!

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