Fun Link Friday: Kansai Dialect Translator

One of the great things about Japanese is all the fun and interesting dialects. While everyone starts with studying the “standard dialect” (標準語 hyoujungo) in school, you’ve probably run into dialects at some point. That one teaching assistant from Aomori, the JET from Kumamoto, comedians from Osaka on Youtube, your favorite singer from Aichi… you can find dialects all throughout Japan, each with it’s own special conjugations and sentence endings.

For those of you interested in the Kansai Dialect (Kansai-ben), check out “Kansai-ben ni kaeru dee” a site which translates your inputted standard Japanese into the Kansai Dialect for you!

Type in the standard Japanese sentence you want changed, click the “change” button underneath the textbox and then you’ll get a message telling you your text has been translated. It’s as easy as that!

For example, let’s say you want to eat some delicious takoyaki- which Osaka in Kansai is famous for.

Oishii takoyaki ga tabetai desu.
Oishii takoyaki ga tabetai ya.

Or maybe you want to comment on today’s good weather.

Kyou wa ii otenki desu ne.
Kyou wa ee otenki ya ne.

Or maybe you want to try confessing your love!

Suki desu!
Suki ya nen!

There are a variety of books and websites available with guides on how to speak Kansai-ben, but this site works as a great supplement for those studying the Kansai Dialect by letting users directly input any sentence they can think of and seeing the “translation”. While computer run sites like this can make mistakes, it still gives you a good feel for the basics of Kansai Dialect.

And let’s be honest, even if you aren’t studying with hopes of mastering the Kansai Dialect, the site is still a fun way to play with Japanese!

Image screencap from e-yanagase. Copyright All rights reserved by 柳ヶ瀬・劇場通り北商店街

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