Research Travel Funds: Korean Heritage Library, USC

OKSHF Research Grant at USC Korean Heritage Library

The Korean Heritage Library (KHL) at the University of Southern California is pleased to announce research grants for researchers, librarians, and educators in Korean Studies. Thanks to generous support from the Overseas Korean Studies and Heritage Foundation (OKSHF), the grant assists scholars in their use of USC Korean Heritage Library’s resources for research to promote scholarship in Korean Studies.


Scholars and librarians whose research can benefit from the resources at the USC Korean Heritage Library. This program is open to scholars from Korea and other countries outside the United States and to those at domestic U.S. institutions with few Korean library resources.


A maximum of $3,000 awarded to support up to 3 scholars.
*International scholars: up to $2,000
*Domestic scholars: up to $1,000


-July 31, 2017: Deadline for proposals
-September 30, 2017: Notification of awards
-September 28, 2018: Deadline for the use of the grant

Benefits for Grantees

-Partial support for costs related to consulting resources at the USC Libraries as part of their research on Korea (travel, accommodations, meals, copying, etc.)
-USC library privileges and support from USC KHL faculty and staff during their research visit
-Active engagement with USC’s dynamic community of Korean Studies faculty and students through workshops and informal gatherings

Requirements for Grantees

-A brief report at the end of on-site research
-Works resulting from the OKSHF Research Grant must acknowledge the grant in all publications and/or presentations
-Gift copies of all publications resulting from the grant must be submitted to the USC Libraries. If this is not possible, citations must be reported for KHL’s records
-Submitting receipts for reimbursement up to the amount of the award – general guidelines for allowable costs are contained in OMB Circular A-21:


-Applications will be reviewed by a panel of USC librarians.

-Inquiries may be directed to:

· Joy Kim, Curator of the Korean Heritage Library:

· Kenneth Klein, Head of the East Asian Library:

Application Procedures

Submit the following documentation via email attachments with subject line “OKSHF Research Grant application” to:

*A brief statement (approximately 250 words) describing your research project and its purpose, needs for on-site research at USC KHL, proposed visit schedule, and an estimated budget
*A curriculum vitae

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Call for Papers: Trends and Determinants of Retirement and Related Policies in Asia

DATE OF EVENT : 8-9 February 2018
VENUE : National University of Singapore


As many countries enter aging societies and face high costs for public pension funds, governments encourage people to work until later age. Policy makers have shifted their interest to the forces that influence older adults’ decisions on the timing of continued work and bridge job employment that is newly emerging trends. With extended life expectancy and the lack of social security fund for pension, old-age poverty rate has increased in recent years and many older adults tend to delay retirement or engage in bridge employment after retirement in East Asian, Southeast Asian and South Asian countries that traditionally emphasize individual’s responsibility for preparing for retirement.

Studies have explored how the retirement decision-making process among older people is socio-economically stratified. Given that major norm of family behavior of Asia is filial piety and the decision of retirement timing is likely to be influenced by family circumstances, the association between intergenerational relationships and trends of older parents’ labor force participation should be systematically examined. The old-age care services provided by the country and communities have been limited in many Asian societies although the role of adult children in supporting parents has been changed as they face rapid demographic transitions. Reduced co-residence rates and increased rates of elderly who live alone encouraged government to develop policies that target vulnerable older adults. Therefore, governments need to strategize how they can have a sustainable system to support a growing elderly population especially those who exit the labor force and are detached from family. studies that compare various systematic factors that affect early- and late- retirement would be important to develop sustainable pension and social security programs. Furthermore, longitudinal analyses of the socioeconomic impacts of deferring mandatory retirement on productivity among the elderly can extend theoretical perspectives in research fields such as social demography, public policy, sociology of family, and gerontology. However, the association between public old-age support, role of extensive family members, and retirement process has been less studied. Comprehensive examinations on the interrelations of the factors at multilevel that affect the transition processes from work to full retirement are necessary to this area.

The conference welcomes both qualitative and quantitative studies with cross-national, cross-sectional, or longitudinal survey analyses based on the aging population in East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. The main topics of the conference are the impacts of inter-generational relationships, family structure, cultural factors and policies on retirement and labor force participation among older populations in Asia. The following list includes some of topics that we expect papers to explore:

  • Definition and conceptualization of dynamic retirement process.
  • Exploring factors at individual- and family-level that may affect the transition processes from work to full retirement.
  • Comparative research that address country-level systematic differences in retirement process and social engagement among older adults.
  • Cross-level investigations that address the interactions among factors at macro-mess-micro levels in relation to work participation and healthy aging.
  • The relationships between the old-age support policies (e.g., pension and health care insurance), retirement timing, and private support.

Submissions should include a title, an abstract of no more than 250 words and a brief biography including name, institutional affiliation, and email contact. Please note that only previously unpublished papers or those not already committed elsewhere can be accepted. The organizers plan to publish a special issue with selected papers presented in this conference. By participating in the conference you agree to participate in the future publication plans (special issue/journal) of the organizers. The organizers will provide hotel accommodation for three nights and a contribution towards airfare for accepted paper participants (one author per paper).

Please submit your proposal, using the proposal template available on the website, to Dr Lee Yeonjin at by 15 July 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 15 August 2017.


Conference Convenors

Dr Lee Yeonjin
Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
E |

Prof Yeung Wei-Jun Jean
Asia Research Institute, Centre for Family and Population Research, and Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
E |


Contact Info:

Ms Tay Minghua
Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
AS8 Level 7, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260
Tel: (65) 6516 4224
Fax: (65) 6779 1428

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Research Opportunity: NHK Archives

Location: NHK Archives, Tokyo or Osaka
Application Deadline: 30 June (4pm Japan Time)

(Description below paraphrased/summarized by Travis, from NHK Japanese-language website. I apologize for any mis-translations or mis-representations. Please consult the NHK page for official description and terms)

Program Description
NHK is currently accepting applications from scholars applying to gain access to NHK’s archives of TV and radio programs, and films, for research purposes. The archive includes roughly 650,000 documentary films, and episodes of TV dramas, children’s programming, music & entertainment programs, and anime (with a focus on 1981 to the present; many earlier programs are also available, but no guarantees are made that any particular program from earlier years will necessarily be available). News programs are not accessible through this program.

Successful applicants will be provided with an orientation to the NHK archives, and access to the archives for a period in September through November 2017. They are then expected to submit to NHK a copy of the resulting research paper within roughly 18 months later.

Application Process
A form is provided on the application website, for describing the applicant’s research project. Applications are due on 30 June, by 4pm Japan time.

NHK staff and professional academics will review applications in July. Selected applicants will be notified by email, and the selections will also be posted online, by the end of July.

This process repeats every few months. There are multiple opportunities to apply later in the year, or next year, as well, with a September deadline for Dec 2017 – Feb 2018 access to the archives, a December deadline for March – May 2018 access to the archives, etc.

For further information and online application, see:

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Book Announcement: The Global Repositioning of Japanese Religions: An Integrated Approach

The Global Repositioning of Japanese Religions:
An Integrated Approach
Ugo Dessi
(Routledge 2017)

The Global Repositioning of Japanese Religions: An Integrated Approach explores how Japanese religions respond to the relativizing effects of globalization, thereby repositioning themselves as global players. Organized around concrete case studies focusing on the engagement of Japanese Buddhism, Shinto, and several new religious movements in areas such as ecology, inter-religious dialogue, and politics, this book shows that the globalization of Japanese religions cannot be explained simply in terms of worldwide institutional expansion. Rather, it is a complex phenomenon conditioned by a set of pervasive factors: changes in consciousness, the perception of affinities and resonances at the systemic and cultural levels, processes of decontextualization, and a wide range of power issues including the re-enactment of cultural chauvinism.

The author investigates these dynamics systematically with attention to broader theoretical questions, cross-cultural similarities, the definition of religion and the perils of ethnocentrism, in order to develop his Global Repositioning model, which constitutes an integrated approach to the study of Japanese religions under globalization.

An empirically-grounded and theoretically-informed study of the effects of global trends on local religions, this book will appeal to scholars and students with interests in globalization, religious studies, Japanese studies, Hawaii, sociology, anthropology, and ecology.

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Fun Link Friday: The Secrets of Soy Sauce

Though it can be found in various forms across Asia, soy sauce is easily one of the most iconic elements of Japanese cooking. With a long and diverse history, some families have maintained secret recipes for hundreds of years and regional variations bring prized flavors to their local food.

Recently, National Geographic featured a short film on this beloved part of Japanese cuisine, highlighting the soy sauce production of Yuasa in Wakayama prefecture, including the tale of a thirteenth-century priest who brought back the skill of soy-sauce making from China and a peek at what production looks like today. See the video below for the Short Film Showcase, which is only a few minutes long. Happy Friday!

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Job Opening: Program Associate, Carolina Asia Center

*Position: Program Associate (full-time)
*Institution: Carolina Asia Center, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
*Application Deadline: 29 May 2017

Carolina Asia Center

The Carolina Asia Center is the University of North Carolina’s flagship organization for Asia-related activities. In 2014, we became the first Title VI-funded pan-Asia National Resource Center in the southeast United States. The Center’s mission is to positively transform our understanding of and relationship with Asia and to equip students and others with the knowledge of Asia to assume leadership roles. The Center develop resources for engagement with Asia-related topics through seminars, language study, outreach, cultural competency, study abroad and visiting scholars programs.

The Center is a unit of UNC-Chapel Hill’s College of Arts and Sciences and work with various professional schools, departments, centers and student organizations on campus. Beyond Carolina, we collaborate with regional and international institutions to develop and implement educational programs on Asia.

Position Description

The Carolina Asia Center is a National Resource Center (NRC) funded by Title VI of the US Department of Education. Funding for the NRC supports initiatives to provide educational and outreach programs at local, regional, and national levels for K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions as well as for business, media, government, and the general public. The Program Associate will support the coordination and implementation of day to day activities of the Carolina Asia Center. The Program Associate will be supervised by the Center’s Associate Director, and will work with Center’s Director, Business Manager, and Program Manager for the Phillips Ambassadors program as well as Center’s partners. The duties include, but not limited to the following: coordinate, plan, organize and implement Asia related events on campus and beyond; work with faculty working groups and student organizations to organize and implement Asia related events; provide administrative and logistic support to implement programs; assist with research, data collection and report writing; support outreach program to K-12 and Community Colleges, Business, Media and Government at local, regional and national levels; and support drafting web updates and newsletters and compiling and distributing weekly Asia-related opportunities and events listings.

Other duties include, but are not limited to: manage the Center’s listservs; attend Asia-related events as required; provide support to run fellowship/grant programs including Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship program; provide support for the CAC Visiting Scholars program as needed; evenings and weekend work may be required, but partially flexible schedule and provide other support as required to develop or implement programs to achieve the Center’s mission and strategic goals.

High school diploma or equivalency; or demonstrated possession of the competencies necessary to perform the work.

The selected candidate must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong interpersonal and intercultural skills, and strong organizational skills. In addition, selected candidate must have strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and be able to work as a member of a close-knit team. The ability to work independently is also essential. The selected candidate must have experience in organizing events and supporting program implementation. Proofreading and editing skills are also required.

Preferred Qualifications
Preferred qualifications for this position include a bachelor’s degree and academic training in Asian Studies. Experience developing and writing e-newsletters is a plus. The ability to interact with diverse personalities including faculty, staff, students, K-14 educators, representatives of government agencies, and the general public is also preferred. At least one or two years of experience in organizing events is highly preferable.

Through UNC Careers Website:

Required Documents: (1) Cover Letter, (2) CV or Resume, (3) List of References

If you experience any problems accessing the system or have questions about the application process, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (919) 843-2300 or send an email to

Please note: The Office of Human Resources will not be able to provide specific updates regarding position or application status.

Further information can be found at:

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Job Opening: Postdoc in Transnational Asian Studies

*Position: postdoctoral research fellowship in Transnational Asian Studies
*Institution: Chao Center for Asian Studies (CCAS) at Rice University
*Location: Houston, Texas

The Chao Center for Asian Studies (CCAS) at Rice University in Houston, Texas is currently accepting applications for the Annette and Hugh Gragg postdoctoral research fellowship in Transnational Asian Studies to begin July 1, 2017. By “transnational,” we mean an approach that devotes particular attention to the movement of peoples, products, ideas, technologies, etc. across established borders and boundaries. The search is open to geographical/conceptual areas of transnational Asia, including Asian diaspora, and to a broad historical time of research.

The annual stipend is $50,000, with an additional $5,000 for research and travel expenses, and a one-time relocation allowance of $3,000 will also be provided. Renewal for the second year will be contingent upon the appointee’s performance in the first year.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in hand by the time of appointment in one of the following fields: Anthropology, Art History, Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Cinema, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Ethnic Studies, Global Health Studies, History, Political Science, Religion, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, or Women’s/Gender/Sexuality Studies.

We are particularly interested in applicants whose research concerns transnational science and technology studies.

Job Responsibilities
Job responsibilities for this 12-month position: (1) Teaching one class per year, and (2) Active participation in the Center’s Transnational Asia Research Initiative (TARI) leading to one public seminar and two publishable articles per year.

This position has no application deadline and will remain open until filled. APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ONLY THROUGH Rice University’s electronic system, and complete instructions are available at

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